We are required to teach the following Australian Curriculum lessons following the culmination of the 2016 Geography exam and the beginning of economics program. There has been approximately 5 lessons dedicated to this:

The role of the High Court, including in interpreting the Constitution (ACHCK092)  

·examining the jurisdiction of the High Court

·exploring an example of a High Court judgement in interpreting and applying Australian law

The Australian Government's role and responsibilities at a global level, for example provision of foreign aid, peacekeeping, participation in international organisations and the United Nations(ACHCK091)

·exploring the types of participation that Australia has in the Asia region and internationally (for example, exchange programs, peacekeeping, election monitoring, health programs, disaster management)

How Australia's international legal obligations shape Australian law and government policies, including in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (ACHCK093)

·listing some of the international agreements Australia has ratified and identifying examples of how each one might shape government policies and laws (for example, the protection of World Heritage areas)

The challenges to and ways of sustaining a resilient democracy and cohesive society (ACHCK094)

·considering threats to Australian democracy and other democracies, such as the influence of vested interests, organised crime, corruption and lawlessness

·identifying the safeguards that protect Australia's democratic system and society, including shared values and the right to dissent within the bounds of the law