Planned Leave of Absence Application Form
As stated in the School Education Act 1999, it is expected that students attend school for each day that is open for instruction. Please use this form when you are requesting a planned leave of absence during the school term. This form should then be submitted to the Principal at least three weeks prior to the leave requested.   Please note the following:  
  • Parents are advised to refer to the school’s Assessment Policy and review their child’s Assessment Schedule for all courses as not all absences will be considered ‘authorised’.
  • Absence that is deemed to be taken at the discretion of the family will not be authorised and should therefore be avoided (E.g. holidays). Parents must take responsibility for the consequences of this absence.  The school timetable, learning program and assessment schedule will proceed in your child’s absence.
  • Students are provided with course and assessment outlines for all courses.  The school is limited in its ability to support students who travel at times when assessments are scheduled, in particular prior to holiday breaks.  Families need to avoid traveling at this time unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  • It is the responsibility of students to ensure they have informed their class teachers in writing prior to the absence and maintain their study load whilst absent. It is not the responsibility of staff members to provide lesson materials for students taking extended holiday/leave.
  • Missed assessments and absences from class may affect academic progress, may result in a lower than expected final grade or in the case of Years 11 and 12, a student could be deemed to have not completed the course.
  • Students will not be able to complete assessments and/or examinations earlier than the scheduled date. For an authorised absence, in most cases students will be required to complete the assessment as soon as possible on their return to school.
  • If the absence is ‘unauthorised’ and a student misses a scheduled assessment or examination, a ‘0’ will be recorded.
  • Repeated unauthorised absences from compulsory school events will impact on a student’s eligibility to stand for selection as a student representative or invitation to participate in school events.
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