2018 Year 7 Digital Technology Course

Welcome to Rossmoyne SHS

This is an introductory course designed to help you get the most out of your computers at school and at home.

Each week you will be led through a simple task aimed at improving your general computing skills.

We will focus on the MS OFFICE products including Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The school provides Windows computers with the latest software. Therefore, you do not need to have MS office on your own computer.

Your assessment will be based on how well you demonstrate your skill while completing projects and assignments for all of your classes.

Welcome to Year 7 Computing!

This is a one-term taster course. In this course we are covering the following topics:

- Internet security, ethical protocols and legal obligations

- Data Manipulation using simple functions in Spreadsheet Software

- Components of digital system: Hardware and Software


Assessment 1 This quiz will be available on Rossmoyne Moodle in Week 7.(Weighting 80%)
The assessment topic will cover Spreadsheet.

Assessment 2 This quiz will be available on Rossmoyne Moodle in Week 9.(Weighting 20%)
The assessment topic will include computer hardware and software.