Unity3D Audio Application

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Unity3D Audio Application
by Mark Southon - Tuesday, 14 November 2017, 4:54 PM

Our Year 10 Game Development class undertook an assignment to create an audio app that would run on mobile phones.  Audio is an important part of video game development and the class got to develop their skills in this area.  The assignment only required that the developed app play multiple sounds.  This freedom led to many creative and oftentimes humorous apps being developed.

This app was developed by Pei Shi Huang.  It shows great design flair as well as a high degree of technical accomplishment.  Pei Shi’s app plays a soundtrack of 8-bit music whilst allowing the user to play musical notes over the top by using the on screen keyboard. 

Even though Unity3D is cross-platform, this game is compiled to play in Apple format only.

Siok Gan